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The most absurd thing of the Church of Satan falls into the presumed atheism. LaVey used to write a lot about the ritual chamber but without any belief on divinity the chamber is empty. Into the other hand, the belief in a demon or Satan proceeds from Christianity. In fact, the previous supedites the satanism to the christian beliefs. In one way or another, the satanism looks like a reactionary practice or in the best of the cases a vulgarization of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

So if the alternative do not falls into the disbelief in a God nor to believe in a God, what is the satanism? Well, the answer is very simple and refers the ethic field like a no christian way of living; simply saying: a pagan path.

LaVey is right when says that satanism do not refers the belief into a demon, because the word proceeds from the greek “daímon” a spirit of nature or even, the divine power of life like was written by Plato. For the athenian philosopher, Eros was more than a “daímon” the “daímon” par excelence and this way, the vital force itself. This last explains why the sexuality and sensuality own a decisive importance for the modern satanism.

Eros as a “demon” or “satan” itself, signifies a religion of the vital force, nor evil or good but both, creative and destructive at same time. Even against Plato, whom comprehending the previous, dared to believe in pure form kingdom, the satanism is erotism as a religion of the physical life.

That’s the reason why beyond LaVey, our “satanism” is founded in the ancient roots of the greek civilization. As a prove, the satanic main creed is refered in an ancient Heraclitus fragment: “way up and way down, one and the same road” or in more common terms: as above to below.

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