What the vampires are?

Not a gloomy shadow or a mist…, but a desire.

Not a past told a thousand times but a hungrer future, incandescent, like an ever alive flame. Candles that burn into the night, releasing souls from the chains of Olympus. They are not the damned but the blessing ones; the awakens that confronts the sleepers ones daily.

Menadic or perimetral forces, a circle of fire that reflects their dark and deeply core; our own center, the sacred mystery. That way, the absolute loneliness of the vampire, proceeds from their ancestral affinity with the origin.

They come from the place where everything is reversed: the obscurity turns into light, hidden from the eyes of the mortal; the death becomes into life, a real life that flows through the veins as a bright scarlet river.

The bite of the vampire is a kiss of life, penetration that break the habitualness chains; the ties, the loops, the mooring ropes, the certainties.

The vampire is not a gloomy shadow or mist, but the sign of Lucifer; burning desire to liberating.