About satanism…

The most absurd thing of the Church of Satan falls into the presumed atheism. LaVey used to write a lot about the ritual chamber but without any belief on divinity the chamber is empty. Into the other hand, the belief in a demon or Satan proceeds from Christianity. In fact, the previous supedites the satanism to the christian beliefs. In one way or another, the satanism looks like a reactionary practice or in the best of the cases a vulgarization of Nietzsche’s philosophy.

What the vampires are?

Not a gloomy shadow or a mist…, but a desire. Not a past a thousand times told, but a hungry future, incandescent, like an ever alive flame. That candles burns into the nigh, releasing souls from the chains of Olympus. They are not the dammed but the blessing ones. They are the awakens that daily confronts the sleepers ones.