Jul 232016

Album: Origins (2016)All music & lyrics by Mantus Xeper. Track List: (1) Hypnos, (2) Hémera, (3) Interlude to Origins, (4) Preparations, (5) Primordial Rites, (6) Lamb of God (Agony), (7) Thanatos, (8) Elysium, (9) Reborn, (10) Rites of Genesis, (11) At the Gates of Truth, (12) Origins.

Vocals: Mantus Xeper.

Female Vocals: Mania Xeper, Isabel Paige & Katarina Rose.

All instrument played & mixes by Mantus Xeper.

Origins is our first album and it is what its name says: our influences, our passions, our rites and pleasures. That way, there is not a style but plenty. Which one will prevail in future? No one knows it, but something is certain: whatever it be, it will have a dosis of pleasure and a dosis of darkness.

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